CEO Awards

Barloworld Isuzu Trucks Johannesburg chosen as First Round Finalists for the CEO Awards 

 Barloworld Isuzu Trucks Johannesburg was recently chosen as one of the finalists for the first round of the CEO Awards for the best service department.

The principal of the CEO Awards is to recognise an Individual or a Team (Group of Individuals) who, in an exceptional way, has created value for one or more of our Stakeholders, i.e. for our Employees, Customers, Suppliers/Principals, Shareholders, the Community and the Environment

“What a feeling, I still get goosebumps when I talk about it” Jacques Gericke, Service Manager, Barloworld Isuzu Trucks Johannesburg said.

Jacques has not only been with Barloworld Motor Retail for the last 20 years, but stayed loyal to the same dealership. He started as an apprentice at the Heriotdale dealership and worked his way up to Service Manager and has been successfully managing it for the last 9 years.

Jacques is very proud of his team, which was clear in the first five minutes of spending time with him. “I always tell my team that although it’s my name on the award, the award could not be achieved without each and every one of them, every award is a dealership achievement” he said.

When I asked Vernon Meakin, Dealership Principal, what his thoughts were, “We have been very honoured with all the awards we have won, but this award is the cherry on the cake for us, it just shows that hard work and contributions pays off. I am very proud of them” Vernon said.

Through persistence, passion and new innovative ideas, the team has managed to meet and exceed their financial targets and maintained a high standard of service delivery which is in line with our vision of being the best. The outstanding performance, dedication and pride in doing the job and the concept of putting our customers first are what makes this team a success and for that should berecognized and acknowledged.  Jacques Gericke has grown the business through perseverance and diligence since the day he was promoted to Service Manager in 2005.


We wish Isuzu Trucks Johannesburg well for the next round of the CEO Awards.